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Andrea M
by Andrea M
2 Days
Living in Colorado I really needed something to extend our very short growing season. My mom gave us her old sliding glass doors (the back wall/west wall of the cold frame) & I found some windows cheap at the Re-Store. ($5 each). My husband picked up some spare Tex-decking from a few different people (so they don't match) for free. With hinges (also a Re-store purchase at $ 0.75 each) and we built it on my existing raised garden. Total size is 14'x3'. There is a 18" space behind the cold frame for more plants (probably the squash plants).
We bought good garden dirt from a local materials yard.
I also have enough windows to cover our 6'X3' garden!That is a evening project for the week.
In all the two cold frames with dirt and everything cost us $90! Now I have lots of extra cash to buy more plants :-)
Now the dog can't dig up the plants and eat the drip line either!
About 1/3 done.
3/4 done. I still want to paint it with some extra Purple paint we painted the Chicken coop with.
My new cold frame on my small 3x6 garden. (see my post about up cycled chicken feed bags about my hanging tomato cage you see in the pic)
Done & Purple :-)
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  • Jennifer G Jennifer G on Feb 12, 2014
    LOL! Drip line - best dog toy EVER! Ugh… I am inspired by your garden! I'm from CA and the super short growing season here in CO is hard to adjust to - even after 4 years I'm struggling with not having tomatoes in my garden all year :( I'm going to try something like what you have this fall - how does it work in the heat of summer? Do you leave the glass open to avoid cooking everything inside?

  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Mar 22, 2016
    Hi Andrea: I lived in COS for 33 years. Now I live in Denver. Loved the Springs. When I worked I went to work about 5:00 am; too early to open a cold frame and let the heat of the day circulate. Now I am retired and can coddle a cold frame garden. Can't wait to get started. We are going to have 72 degrees today and snow Wednes. You will probably experience the same. The winds in Colorado are much worse than those in Chicago.