Cut Down Your Water Bill by Providing Free Rainwater for Irrigation

Aquascape Inc.
by Aquascape Inc.
Rain barrels or cisterns are convenient systems of rainwater collection that store runoff from your rooftop and can be used for a variety of activities. Residential irrigation accounts for more than 40 percent of domestic water consumption, so it’s important for us to preserve and use what nature has provided us.
This collection and reuse of our most valuable resource is important as runoff can collect pollutants such as oil, bacteria, grease, and excess nutrients; dumping it into our waterways. The water collected in a rain barrel is also healthier for your plants because it does not contain the chlorine that treated tap water does.
There are some financial benefits for those of you who are on city sewer and water include:

> Saving tax dollars by reducing or delaying the need to expand or upgrade sewage treatment facilities.

> Helping to reduce wet spots in yard or flooding in basement.

> Saving money on your water bill by providing free rainwater for lawn and garden use.
Water is our most important natural resource and with installing rain barrels we can collectively take a step in the right direction towards improving nature’s bloodline. They are relatively inexpensive and an effective way to mitigate the negative effects of growth and development.
Rain barrels can be made out of a variety of different materials ranging from trashcans, whiskey barrels, and container gardens to whatever else you can think of that will hold a large amount of water. Aquascape offers the RainXchange™ Rain Barrel that holds 75 gallons of water, has a brass spigot for a garden hose connection and contains an overflow spout in case of heavy rain.

Watch as Ed Beaulieu, chief sustainability officer for Aquascape, shows the simple step-by-step process for installing this decorative RainXchange™ Rain Barrel.
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