12 Fragnant Flowers You Can Grow In Your Home Garden

Farhan Sheikh
by Farhan Sheikh
One of the most enjoyable things about a garden is the perfume that the flowers and fragrant plants have. The sensory experience you get from flowers is a healthy experience- both mentally, and physically. There are many wonderful flowers that you can grow to add fragrance to your garden. Here are our top 12 best smelling flowers for your garden!
1- Petunias

Petunias aren’t always the most fragrant flowers, as some cultivars have been developed for appearance and growth habit and not for scent. But there are lots and lots of petunias out there, in fact most, that still have their characteristic heavy sweet scent. In the evenings, a flower box of petunias can perfume the air like no other flower.
2 -Stock Flowers

Many people think that stock happens to be some of the best smelling flowers out there. Stock is grown commercially for cut flower arrangements too, so along with their wonderful scent, they are long lasting as cut flowers and absolutely lovely. They are also incredibly easy to grow from seed.
3 -Dianthus (Pinks)

There are annual and perennial dianthus varieties. Many of them are extremely sweet scented flowers. They are so sweet smelling, that people often equate them to smelling candy.
4- Tulips
5- Lilacs
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