Extended Gardening 2016 Lakeside Gardening

Penny L
by Penny L
Remember getting knee _ HI in the dirt produces things you never thought was possible !!! Give it a try bet youll be back for more :) happy gardening all thanks for stopping by :)
i put a hosta root last summer in a pot put it in my garage this beauty is here now !
heres the pot i have several pots like these for curb apeal just and fyi there easy to manage and look very beautiful in pots
my cosmo is protecting my peoni plant here this plant is 27 yrs old my daddy passed away when i went to my moms 2l summers ago i dug less then and inch of root heres where it is this summer my most prized plant in my garden in front for all to see ..my dads smiling from heaven i got his green thumb he was a landscaper his whle life :) ty dad
my hostas fill in this whole space with lilies soon to spurt out the centers in the background is a lilac i transplanted 3 yrs ago next summer the lilac will have purple and the hostas will really pop
lilies in the making
peonies from a friend planted several yaers ago these are pink n beautiful double bloom
Just for fun my husband and our silver lab gator having a wonderful playdate
This concludes my lakeside garden for now ..the boat awaits another summertime funtime when im not knee hi in dirt ,,take time to smell the roses they do bring sumertime fun thank you for coming bye have a wonderful summer and get DIRTY!!!
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  • Centsably Creative Centsably Creative on May 06, 2016
    I love Hostas but can't keep the slugs from devouring them...any suggestions? I've probably tried everything but give me your best shot!?

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