How to Build Potato Towers

Last year, I planted a 100′ row of potatoes only to have all my plants attacked by the vicious Colorado potato beetle. It was hard to watch, and as much as I tried to get rid of the beetles, I realized very quickly that I stand no chance against them (read: The Sorry Story of my Potatoes).
So this year, I decided to try something a bit different. I am going to try to grow my potatoes in towers. I’ve listed this option a few weeks ago in my post How to Grow Potatoes (wich includes all the information you’ll need if you are new to growing potatoes), and since I had all the materials to build the towers, I thought it will be fun to give it a try.
I made four towers so far (one after I took this picture), and I have to say, they were pretty easy to make ( I plan on making 3 more).

How to Build Potato Towers:
I had this rolled fence wire laying around, I think they call it rabbit fence. I used it to fence a section of my garden a while back because rabbits kept coming to eat my lettuce, but I cleaned that area and don’t plant there anymore so it was just laying behind the shed.

The fence is 4′ tall.
I took the non-scientific way, as usual… And counted 13 squares (I then measured it so I can give you the measurements and it is 50 inches, so 4′ or so, in case you use a different kind of wire).
I used cutters to cut the wire in the center of the 14th square.
Next, I joined the two ends of the piece I cut and secured them together by bending the end of the wire.
Here is a view from the top…
And here is the whole cage. Pretty simple!

Head over to Lady Lee's Home to see how to secure the cage in place, prepare it for the potatoes, and how to plant the potatows.
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