How to Re-bloom Your Orchids

by Skinnypig
Follow these easy care steps for your Orchids and they should re-bloom every 4-6 months!

1. Place Orchids in a spot that is exposed to good light (not directly in the sun or the leave tips may burn! My orchids face West...)
2. Water once a week with added Orchid food (I use Schultz Orchid food)
3. Be Patient and enjoy your Orchids :)


- I add Schultz Orchid food (add amount per the bottle's instructions) to refillable water bottles which I keep at room temperature.
- I shake up the water and then fill the vase up to the top of the mulch, or to the base of the leaves and just let it soak. I have let Orchids soak from 15 min to 2 days at times and the orchids are fine. It may also depend on the season and humidity of your home so just be careful! Then just lift out the clear plastic pot the orchid is in and dump out the rest of the water in the vase.
- I used to mist the leaves , stem and flowers with a spray bottle whenever I watered, but have since gotten lazy... my orchids still rebloom just the same!

- I keep the orchids in the inside clear plastic pots they come in and the original vase they've come in from the store, but if you want to change the vase, I like the white taller orchid vases from IKEA as they are a great price and look nice as well. White vases have been said to be great to help reflect the light through to the roots in the clear plastic pots.

- Once the flowers have bloomed and fall off, you are left with a bare stem. I only cut back the ones that turn yellow and have dried. Sometimes re-blooms develop from the stem if they are still alive and green, but at a different notch so just keep this in mind!
- New stems usually appear in between leaves or at the base

- If leaves are yellow and dried, you can easily remove these too.
- New leaves are a good sign of growth and you should see new stems soon!

- Ensure there is enough room (and your mulch is not super packed) in the clear plastic pot so that roots have enough space and air to thrive.
- Sometimes you will see rotted roots (near the bottom where it may soak more water) or dried roots at the top but don't worry, this is ok and should not affect your blooms
- Sometimes you wil see "air roots", these are the ones that look like tendrils and are a lighter grey/silver colour, this is normal and let them be (instead of trying to scrunch them back into the pots or keep them watered)

Overall, Orchids are more resilient than you think! If you are good enough to water them weekly and don't let them dry out, you should see the beautiful blooms once again eventually! Be patient and enjoy!

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