More From My Front Yard Gardens 6/18/14

Carol S
by Carol S
Always something in bloom.
Growing straw berries on our porch railing.
This year the grass matts where not in stores yet. So I improvised. lined wrie basket with gutter mesh, burlap, paper bags, plastic sheet & egg cartons - Everything is doing great!
Chocolate vine - can't wait for it to bloom.
The two bushes will be cut back this fall, to let more sun and air get through.
Yellow sedum ground cover looks happy and my cactus is thriving as well.

I clipped away the lower lower on the bleeding hearts & they set out more flowers. I have ballon flowers everwhere - they are standing tall and lasting so long!
This is a new addition. I will be garthering seeds for 2015.
My garden is kept fairly bug free due to the dadd long legs. These daisy is also new & blooming just at the right time.
Last Allium in bloom - Seed productionn is sparce - it is their first year.
This Lizianthus is going wild. I had to work at keeping alive at my Greenville, RI home. Look at it now! I have another at the mail box that is twice as big
Coral Bell, Hostas, Purple sedum, lily, snap dragons, mums, little to no weeding.
This grouping is doing nicely concidering the fiberous root base it growing in. I added garden soil. Stone crop is hardy. I am ordering worms to aerate fertilize the sub soil. Couldn't hurt.
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