Asked on Jun 20, 2017

Not sure if my succulent is okay

by Meredith
Hi! I got these Echeverias three days ago from an indoor store. When I got them, they looked more or less the same, in that the leaves on the Echeveria on the left were as tight as the ones on the right. I haven't watered both of them since I got them, and I've been giving them the same amount of sun. I was just wondering if the Echeveria on the left is healthy? I'm baffled since the one on the right hasn't spread its leaves out like the one on the left. Thank you!
q not sure if my succulent is okay
q not sure if my succulent is okay
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  • Apart from the yellow leaves, both look pretty OK. Too much water, I think. Succulents need hardly any water, especially when they are outside. Check the soil ?

  • Que19265127 Que19265127 on Jun 20, 2017
    It looks to me like they are in 2 different types of containers.The one on the left has "overflowed" whereas the one on the right is cramped. I don't think you need to worry......maybe put them in cactus.succulent mix?

  • Cindy Cook McFall Cindy Cook McFall on Jun 20, 2017
    they look like they should be replanted. I take off the yellow leaves. They should be fine.

    • Pat kitto Pat kitto on Jun 20, 2017
      I do lots of succulents in my yard. You are getting great advice. I, personally would check to make sure that these plants are for our cold and heat zones. Not much water. Good luck

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 20, 2017
    To much water will create yellow leaves.Succulents do not require that much water.Repot them in the next size pot in succulent soil.

  • Joanne Joanne on Jun 20, 2017
    Less water and give them time, very hard to kill these things so they should be fine

  • Patty S Patty S on Jun 20, 2017
    Treat them as you would a cactus, I water mine maybe every three weeks or more. I went away on vacation for a month and watered them well before leaving. They were fine when I got back. Put them in Cactus soil. Also do not use tap water, especially if your water is softened. Tap water will rot the roots and kill the plant. I collect rain water to water mine and in the winter, I melt snow. Also be sure to water at the base and not on the plant.

  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Jun 20, 2017
    OVERWATERING makes the leaves turn color like that. Let them set for 2 weeks to dry out. THIS WILL NOT HURT IT BUT WILL HELP IT! Then, water only 1ce a week but don't saturate it. Use just enough to wet the roots. The bottom leaves should dry up & try to fall off when it starts to grow good after that. Gently remove them & leave it alone. It will do fine. Regular potting mix will do fine, just add some peat moss to give it aeration. 1/2 potting mix to 1/2 peat moss. Most companies do this for you but per pound, it costs way more to buy it. Oh, & they like morning &/or afternoon sun but not all day sun. GOOD LUCK! :) ....... P.S. I used to raise cacti & succulents.

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    • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Jun 20, 2017
      It would be helpful if I could see it if possible. Watering succulents should be watered from the top of the pot but underneath the plant. Gently move back the lower ""leaves"" with your fingers & water it but don't drench it. Give it enough to drink and get the soil wet but not standing in water. If the water comes out the hole in the bottom, it's too much water. When that happens, it takes 7-10 days for it to dry out again. Getting water on the plant itself could cause rot or sunburn depending on what time of day you water it & how much sun it's getting. Usually cacti need little water to survive. About 1ce or 2ce a week is good in the mornings before it gets hot. Stick your finger down into the dirt just under the plant & if it feels moist, no need to water that day. If it feels like very dry & the dirt crumbles when picked up, it's time to water. HERE's a link to get you started on repairing your Christmas cactus. There's alot of choices so clicking on different ones will provide you different effective healing options. I am happy to help further if you need me. :)

  • Jo Ann Fogleman Jo Ann Fogleman on Jun 20, 2017
    I never water these plants if I do they rot i just let the rain take care of them

  • Francesca Francesca on Jun 20, 2017
    Agree they do not need water! They can live in just about anything, so cramping not an issue. I stuck one in a statue that had a hole in it!! It is getting bigger and living just fine!!!

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jun 20, 2017
    I would take them out of the ceramic pots, move them to a larger clay pot (about 1" larger) and let dry out. then water real good and let the water drain out. These look like echevaria and they will outgrow these pots and you will need larger ones just to balance the weight of the plant

  • Ann Ann on Jun 20, 2017
    You need to get them into larger pot and don't water . Putting them in dry soil will help them also catch rain rain water to give once a month. I have a yard full of these. Remember less water happy plant.

  • Darlene Darlene on Jun 20, 2017
    Question: I purchased a pot/ planter with a variety of succulents. Should I repot and how do I know if they are winter hardy ( I live in mid Michigan ) ?

    • Diana Brewer Diana Brewer on Jun 22, 2017
      If they look cramped in the pot they are in,repot them into a pot that is around 3" bigger.You can buy bags of soil made for succulents at most garden center.Where you live is too cold for these to be planted outside.They will freeze and die in the winter.You can set them out for morning sun or late afternoon,but bring them back inside during the heat of mid day and at night.Good luck 👍

  • Velda Velda on Jun 21, 2017
    Just plant them outside in plain ole dirt and Mother Nature will water them. I think the do better outside than inside.

  • Rambie Rambie on Jun 25, 2017
    I think they do better outside to! When I first started succulents I over watered bad.

  • Audrey Brow Stapleford Audrey Brow Stapleford on Jun 28, 2017
    I grow chicks and hens in very sandy soil outside and they even winter over in our harsh New England weathers just fine.. If inside, they prefer cactus/succulent soil with good drainage. Also apply Miracle Gro Succulent Plant Food. Both found at Lowe's or Home Depot. Don't over water.

  • Janie Janie on Aug 08, 2020

    In my opinion, the left Echeveria has adapted to the new surrounding and is opening up because the lighting isn't sufficient. While the right Echeveria hasn't started to react to its new environment yet - given time, it will do the same.

  • Delanah Selm Delanah Selm on Apr 05, 2021

    They are growing taller because they’re trying to find light. And the yellow on the leaves suggest that it could be watered too much. They barely need water at all only water them when they are completely bone dry