What can I use to fertilize old day lillies? Also, how can I get rid

by Nancy

THe Camas lillies are indigenous to this area and have bulbs deep under ground. The multiply and have spread from the neighbors yard. They are too much work to pull up old leaves, and I can't even find the bulbs.

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  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 06, 2018

    Canna lilies sometimes require chopping off the bulbs and roots. If you don't want to dig them out, you may have to apply Brush killer or Round Up. Read carefully before you apply either, then install barrier plants.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jul 06, 2018
    on average plants, I will use 10-10-10. not too expensive, can winter well in an enclosed container and does a great job in fertilizing everything.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jul 06, 2018

    to kill the lilies you can use roundup or a brush killer spray you may have to apply it a couple times but it will kill the lillies coming into your yard

  • Alison Savill Alison Savill on Jul 06, 2018
    Beer is a good fertiliser