1. Create a Cutting Garden

This project offers plenty of tips for anyone who wants to enjoy beautiful flowers both inside and out. A cutting garden is perfect for growing a range of blooms and Hometalker Courtney discusses how to choose the right location, prepare the soil, and plan a layout. There is also advice on which flowers you should focus on as you get started. Get tutorial here

2. Plant Zinnias for Vivid Colors

If you want a bright explosion of color in your garden, zinnias could do the trick. Hometalker Lee planted the seeds for her children and forgot all about them until they suddenly burst into life one day. The flowers have brought a fresh feel to her outdoor space, with the vivid colors attracting bumblebees, butterflies, and other insects. Get tutorial here

3. Consider Some Marigolds

Marigolds are regarded by some experts as easy flowers to grow and Hometalker Carole has offered up her advice on how to grow beautiful blooms. She outlines how the flowers are quite thirsty so she grows them in raised beds to ensure they don’t take water from other plants, while she also offers a few tips on how to easily harvest the seeds. Get tutorial here

4. Transform a Garden Bench

This project highlights how you can easily transform a standard garden bench into a real talking point in your outdoor space. Hometalker Lori removed the inner slats of the seat and then inserted two shoeboxes that fit perfectly inside. She then added soil and plants including petunias and spike plants to make a striking garden feature. Get tutorial here

5. Create a Mini Meadow

There are few things better than the sight of flowers blooming in a meadow, but how can you recreate that feel in a small garden? This project might offer up some inspiration, as Hometalker Liz created mini meadows out of old apple bins. She planted wildflowers and some perennials in the bins, and the finished result is truly bursting with life. Get tutorial here

6. Consider the Allium

If you’re looking for easy flowers to grow, a good option may be the allium. Hometalker Angie outlines how the ornamental bulbs can make a truly impressive addition to any garden, as some varieties can to grow up to 36 inches tall. While the bulbs often produce purple flowers, alliums can also come in other colors, including yellow and blue. Get tutorial here

7. Enjoy the Many Colors of Sedums

Anyone who wants to grow flowers that change over time will love planting sedums. This Hometalker outlines how these stunning plants offer great color in the fall, with lighter blooms often taking on a darker hue as the nights start to get colder. Sedums come in many varieties and will undoubtedly offer plenty of surprises through the year. Get tutorial here

8. Take Care of a Festive Favorite

The poinsettia might be a Christmas favorite but it's actually a tropical plant. Furthermore, caring for one and getting it to reflower is not easy. However, Hometalker Three Dogs in a Garden is on hand to guide you through this tricky process, with a warm sunny window often being the best place to position the plants once the holiday season is over. Get tutorial here

9. Bring an Amaryllis Back to Life

Amaryllis is another plant associated with Christmas and sadly many people tend to throw them out once they've finished flowering. However, Hometalker Jeanne has advice on how to get amaryllis blooming once more, with a bright, sunny location being key. The process may take a number of weeks, but it should hopefully bring the plant to life once again. Get tutorial here

10. Try a Festive Alternative

As we've seen, poinsettias can be a big deal at Christmastime, but are there other flowers you could consider in the holiday season? This Hometalker certainly thinks so and she provides a whole list of different blooms you could turn to for festive cheer. Among those mentioned are hydrangeas, kalanchoes, and azaleas. Get tutorial here

11. Discover Spring Perennials

This project features some great tips on perennials that you could add to a spring garden, with it notably highlighting several flowers that grow in shade. Varieties to look out for include the reddish-brown flowers of geum rivale, while the purple leaves of persicaria microcephala – or Red Dragon – would make a stunning addition to any garden. Get tutorial here

12. Fantastic Fall Flowers

Many homeowners may not think too much about their garden once summer draws to a close, but Hometalker Melissa has offered up some great tips on flowers that are great to plant in the fall. Chrysanthemums, asters, and Montauk daisies feature on her list of perfect autumnal blooms, alongside other colourful varieties like the flowering cabbage. Get tutorial here

13. Brighten Your Home with Aechmeas

Vibrant houseplants can really bring a sense of style to an interior and a great option to consider is the Aechmea fasciata. You can learn all about the striking tropical plant in this project, with Joy Us Garden providing advice on the conditions they need to grow. Their beautiful pink blooms truly are stunning and can really brighten a home. Get tutorial here

14. Pot Up Bromeliad Pups

If you do decide to grow Aechmeas and other bromeliads, it is worth knowing how you can make the most of them. In this project, Joy Us Garden discusses how to remove and pot up pups so that the plant can live on even when the adult part of it has died. She warns that it could be years before the pups flower, but we’re sure the wait will be worth it. Get tutorial here

15. Try Flowering Vines

This project offers up ideas if want to add a bit of color to your garden as autumn approaches. Hometalker Heather suggests a range of exciting varieties and the autumn crocus is a great option for adding a splash of purple to your green space. She also outlines why fast-growing flowering vines like the clematis ‘Sweet Autumn’ may also work well. Get tutorial here

16. Grow Perfect Daylilies

Daylilies could be an option for anyone seeking low maintenance flower growing, but Hometalker Douglas still has some tips on how to get the very best from the plants. He suggests planting them shallow, selecting evergreen cultivars, and dividing clumps every three years. The latter rejuvenates the plant and means you have more to grow or give away. Get tutorial here

17. Take It Easy with Lilacs

Lilacs are another stunning plant which are regarded by many as easy flowers to grow and Three Dogs in a Garden provides a range of tips on how to care for them in this project. While they may need some regular pruning, they are generally pretty easy-going and also tend to provide a beautiful splash of color as springtime draws closer. Get tutorial here

18. Consider an Heirloom Plant

Bearded iris are also easy flowers to grow and they work well as heirloom plants, as you can simply divide them up and share them with friends and family. This project from The Prudent Garden features everything you need to know, while it also includes images of a purple iris that was divided from a variety planted more than 50 years ago. Get tutorial here

19. Create a Striking Porch Planter

Flowers can bring color and style to a porch and this project from Wet & Forget offers up suggestions on which plants would work best. If you don’t get too much sun, you could opt for flowers that grow in the dark or flowers that grow in shade like coleus and wax begonias. Alternatively, those with a sunny porch could consider marigolds and petunias. Get tutorial here

20. Keep Your Lantana in Check

Lantana is one of many fast-growing flowers that come to life in warm weather and this project outlines how to care for them. Pruning is vital due to the speed that the plant develops, as it prevents it from getting too leggy and also means the plant can rest before new growth appears. Keeping it in check will ensure great results. Get tutorial here