They Move Greenery When It Gets Too Big

Hostas can grow so quickly, simply use a belt and pull so you do not damage the stems. Get tutorial here

They Plant Them With Good Drainage

If your hostas aren't going in the ground, make sure to add ample drainage holes. Get tutorial here

They Propagate Them With This Shovel Method

Instead of splitting the cones, dig up a patch of hosta cones to propagate. Get tutorial here

They Divide The Cones In Early Spring

When dividing your cones, it's a good idea to wait for early spring to get the most from them. Get tutorial here

They Revive Dying Hostas In A Jar Of Water

If your hostas roots have been under attack, regrow them by sitting it in a jar of water. Get tutorial here

They Keep Them In The Shadiest Spots

Most hosta varieties grow best in shade and partial shade, so look for the dark patches. Get tutorial here

They Know How To Get Rid Of Nibbling Critters

Different holes can be a sign of different critters. This is from a cutworm, which must be removed. Get tutorial here

They Keep Slugs Away With Copper Mesh

Wrap copper mesh around the base of your hostas to keep slugs from munching. Get tutorial here

They Strip Down Their Hostas For Winter

Not every gardener clears the dead debris, but doing so can save hostas from bugs, fungus, and more. Get tutorial here

They Propagate Hostas

Ensure your hostas grow strong by putting your shovel through the eyes of the hosta, and potting the eyes. Get tutorial here

They Choose The Right Hosta For Their Home

There’s so many different variations of this plant, make sure it lives long by choosing the right kind for your environment. Get tutorial here

They Know Which Hosta Must Be Moved

After the frost of winter, hostas have to be moved. Make a simple reminder with a sturdy plastic knife. Get tutorial here

They Clean Off The Hosta Bed In Fall

It is an easy fix for cleaning, just wait for frost to hit, then pull off the dead foliage. Get tutorial here

They Stop Deer From Eating Their Hosta

Simply, crush up Irish Spring soap in your food processor, and spread it around your hosta flower bed. Get tutorial here

They Stop Slimy Slugs From Munching

Handle the slugs that plague your hosta organically with crushed up eggshells sprinkled on the plant’s base. Get tutorial here

They Aren’t Afraid To Plant Them Anywhere

Hostas are great companions with other plants, so they can live in the same container with another plant and thrive. Get tutorial here

If They’re A Beginner, They Choose A Hosta

If you want your plant to survive your first time gardening, choose a hosta. Hostas are low maintenance, and require little attention. Get tutorial here

If They Collect Hostas, They Make Markers

Obsess over all the different kinds of hostas? Make this upcycled Anthropologie marker to tell the difference of each genus. Get tutorial here

They Build A Cabinet To Protect Their Plants

One way of protecting your precious hostas is to build a cabinet made of chicken wire and drilled wood. Get tutorial here

They Insulate Warmth With A Greenhouse

Increase moisture and warmth for your hostas with an affordable greenhouse made of logs and plastic. Get tutorial here

They Concoct Organic Deer Juice

Deer love to munch on vulnerable hostas, grind up garlic, scallions, and eggs to spray around your plants. Get tutorial here

They Keep Pesky Rabbits Away

Stop bunnies from nibbling on your greenery by spreading old coffee grounds all over the flower bed. Get tutorial here

They Make Their Own Potting Soil

Mix healthy nutrient rich ingredient into your soil with peat and perlite. Get tutorial here

They Reuse Wine Bottles Into A Watering Cans

Insert a copper adapter into the opening of your freshly painted bottle, and put the bottle into the soil. Get tutorial here

They Put Hostas In Pretty Broken Plates

Recycle broken plates and bowls by shaving down the cracks, and coating it onto a wall with grout and tile adhesive. Get tutorial here

They Use Compost As Hosta Fertilizer

Punch air holes into the bottom, fill with green and brown trimmings, and stir up once a week. Get tutorial here

They Clean And Shine The Leaves

Eliminate that pesky powdery film by combining dairy milk and epsom salt together in a spray bottle. Get tutorial here

They Toss Their Hostas In The Trash

Hostas can grow huge over a short period of time, use your trash can as a planter for these oversized plants. Get tutorial here

They Care For Them Indoors

Crafty planters know how to care for their hostas with warmth and lots of water. Get tutorial here