15. Violas

These stunning flowers add a pop of rich color to any garden, and the petals are edible. Get tutorial here

13. Fall Asters

These perennials add stunning color to your garden when fall arrives. Get tutorial here

12. Toad lily

Also known as Tricyrtis, this unique flower is a favorite. Get tutorial here

11. Turtleheads

Known for looking like a turtlehead, these perennials do well both in the shade and sun. Get tutorial here

10. Goldenrod

While often confused with ragweed, goldenrod doesn’t cause allergies and simply looks beautiful. Get tutorial here

9. Spider lilies

As opposed to regular lilies, spider lilies last longer into the fall. Get tutorial here

8. Beautyberry

The small bush comes with a big impact, and birds love them too. Get tutorial here

7. Fall Crocus

While most crocus grow in the spring, there are some gorgeous species that thrive in the fall. Get tutorial here

6. Japanese Anemone

These stunning flowers look delicate but can withstand months of weather. Get tutorial here

5. Pansies

These flowers look stunning and last through all of winter. Get tutorial here

4. Sedum

These bunched up beauties display new colors with the changing weather. Get tutorial here

3. Witch Hazel

With the spidery veins, this plant can add a pop of color to a white winter. Get tutorial here

2. Dahlias

These bursting flowers do better in warm weather, but the bodacious dahlia also grows in cooler climates. Get tutorial here

1. Chrysanthemums

Probably the most well known fall flower, mums are super easy to maintain, and they look amazing. Get tutorial here