Sweet Painted Poinsettias

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How many poinsettias would you think are sold in a year? You might be amazed to learn that over 34million are sold annually. Poinsettiasremain the highest selling potted flowering plant. We just love Poinsettias! A native of Mexico, this plant has been bred to produce an array of colors; including pink, merlot, white, burgundy, peach and of course red.
In the hunt for something new, someone, somewhere had the idea of adding water based dye to the leaves to bring a whole new look to this Christmas beauty. Glitter of all kinds can be added to bring that festive holiday sparkle.
To be sure, this may not appeal to everyone; especially the purist who only likes red, but for those who have a whimsical spirit it's a home run.
The dye is mixed with water and applied to the leaves with a common spray bottle. The white Poinsettia is the best choice to work with for the most vibrant results. The dye is not too different from food coloring so give it a try and put more pizzazz in your points!
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  • Michele Michele on Sep 25, 2016
    How do you change the flowers colors. I love the blue

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  • Michele Michele on Sep 25, 2016
    So the object of theses flowers is to paint them. I love love the blue ones

  • Clara Steendahl Clara Steendahl on Sep 26, 2016
    Ok, I was told to get last years poinsettias to bloom & turn color, is rather simple. They have to be in a room that only gets light the same as the day light in your area, so not much in the winter. If you have a spare room you do not use at night & no out side light comes in, that will work just keep the door shut, and close the binds & drapes to keep it dark. They need to be in a cool temperature, but not under 65* I believe. ( been a while) But every time I did this it worked. I sometimes had to put them in a dark closet, or put a paper bag over them.. After they turned color, you didn't need to do that. Now I haven't done this, in this decade, but mother in law has & they look real good. Try it what have you got to loose!