Four Square Garden

Nancy johnson
by Nancy johnson
8 Hours
I love gardening, but I hate weeding and gardening in hard clay soil. Got tired of short, stumpy, forget carrots and anemic, thready radishes. I also didn't want to get rid of the hard work creating these gardens. Keeping the space, I decided to create a garden within a garden. A four square garden to be precise. Sodbuster (aka my sweet husband), was not too keen on the idea at first, but now that he has seen our first radishes, he changed his tune. Now we have a thriving fall garden. Whoopsie!!!!!!!
Now for pictures!!!
Bed 1
This is the first raised bed. We started arugula, radishes, butternut squash, lettuce, mesclun. The outside of the bed is lined with rocks from the property. I also "cloned" two San Marzano tomato plants that are thriving. I am thinking fresh sauce in October!!!!!!!!
Bed 2
This is the second bed which contains carrots, spinach, kale mix, tuscan kale, swiss chard, arugula. I am also experimenting with regrowing celery and lettuce that I buy from the market. So far success (lower right corner).

Third bed has head lettuce, chinese cabbage, and red cabbage. Fourth bed contains different varieties of arugula, mesclun, and micro greens as well as black seeded loose leaf simpson lettuce.

More pics to come!!!!!
Bed 1
Sodbuster "guest blogged" the technical details on my blog. Come on over for more information.
A pic of the entire garden.
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  • Bonnie P Rand Bonnie P Rand on May 21, 2019

    Did you use treated wood, if so what kind(pine ect) & do you have instructions for building them including what the black sheeting under them??

    Thx for your time

    B Rand

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  • Annette Annette on Aug 12, 2019

    This is a fantastic idea my husband and I are always looking for better ways to garden with less work for weeds. We are getting older so its getting harder to do the work with all the health issues we suffer from as do many others. Thank you for this idea.

    • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Jan 26, 2020

      I hear you, Anette. I am 77 and have 12" raised beds, but that still means bending over or working on my knees. I's love to have 3 or 4' raised beds, but the budget won't allow. I use a kneeler, which helps. I also have to put a stepping stone or 2 in my 4' by 8' plots because I'm only 5'1" and can't reach all the way across.

  • Teresa Fialkowski Teresa Fialkowski on Jan 29, 2020

    Where can I find more info on how you made you square garden beds?

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith on Feb 18, 2023

      I Google everything whenever I need information. You could try that.