More of My Treasures!

Barbara Sims
by Barbara Sims
There are lots of gifts and fun treasures to find in my garden.
Hubby's old workboots, old toy, old coal bucket, all on the steps a neighbor gave me.
Cast iron pot from my son, the same sons' old tonka truck, and the wire duck I found at the GoodWill for $1
If you look, you will see the old plow a neighbor gave us a long time ago. Its been hiding behind our shop. Also, a long zinc tub that I have no clue who gave me this. I've forgotten. The round washtub was given to me today by another son. The tricycle was outgrown by my grandson
Another corner we're working on
Huge cast-iron pot my son gave me.
He also gave me this cart. The old canner is my mama's.
My hubby's old ladder.
Love my wooden signs!
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