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GoJo Geoff
by GoJo Geoff
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20 Hours
We had an unusable bush yard which needed a lot of work to make it practical and enjoyable. What would we do? Deciding to incorporate landscaping with functionality we set about making these boxes which would hopefully include both. Check out the video at end for detailed step by step instructions.

The Bush Yard

We started off with an overgrown bush block with lots of weeds. It was out of control!

What timber to use?

We decided to use treated pine garden slabs as borders and box material. 200x75 or 3x8. Various lengths depending on the situation. We had the area cleared of all vegetation and levelled off with machinery before we started. 

Butt Joins

We used a mixture of shaped boxes which needed different designs (see last photo). Some boxes needed butt joins using long 6" or 150mm bugle batten screws.

Triangle Boxes

This box needed 60 degree timber angles, cut with a chain saw but still fixed together with long bugle batten screws.


All the timber was fixed in place with garden stakes hammered well into the ground and screwed off with bugle batten screws.

Sand Base

To get an even base we filled the bottom of the boxes with washed sand


Fitting various features was made easy by standing them on a base. Using the same timber as the border and fixed in ground with the same style garden stakes (out of site). Then fixed with bugle batten screws, stake to timber, timber to feature.

All the detailed step by step instructions in one video
Rockeries Paving and Garden

Heavy duty plastic was laid over the sand and various rocks on top. For the garden area boxes it was simply a matter of raising the bed inside the box with good quality soil. Check out the video for detailed step by step instructions.

Suggested materials:
  • 3x8 treated timber   (Bunnings, Mitre 10, Bowens.)
  • Bugle Batten Screws   (Bunnings, Mitre 10, Bowens.)
  • Washed Sand, Soil & Rocks   (Local Garden Supplies)
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  • Rachel Rachel on Apr 02, 2017
    how big was the area you worked on ? it is beautiful, I am thinking of cutting down on my garden area and it today looks like what you started on only it is a flat area.

  • Judy Judy on May 24, 2017
    How long did this take you? How much did you do in a day? We are Seniors and likely it will be me, who does this. I can only work early in the morn., until the sun get hot, about 10-11. Then, I come back out after the heat of the day, and work more. Give me a time estimate for a 1/4 of a acre, ok? Thank you, great work, and I love the pattern of the wood on the walkway. Best wishes, Judy.

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