Backyard Makeover

Crystal Sifton
by Crystal Sifton
5 Days
I bought the house in the winter so I could not tell how awful it was. The grass was practically non-existent and it was all uneven. There wasn't even a flowerbed. It honestly was so bad, I NEVER wanted to even go back there.
more dismal before lol
Dismal before….
So the first thing I did was dug a flowerbed against the house. Added a gazebo and built a little run for my cats, so they could go outside. Last summer I just used an old carpet under the gazebo.
I managed to find some pallets so we built the frame for the deck out of those. My bf brought home the decking wood from work - It was in a pile in the back of the place he worked at and they were getting rid of it.
I used some of the leftover pallets for some container gardens! I love how they turned out. It was VERY easy to do. I then added some rock around the front and put a few perennials in around the edges.
Planted up the garden….
And this is the finished result. LOVE how we have a teeny yard but can still have a garden…of course that is, if the cucumbers don't' take over the entire yard.
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