Backyard Transfomation

by Symea
6 Weeks
My old, dead, ancient eyesore backyard got a face lift. Besides hiring a carpenter for the fence, deck and pergola, I did everything myself. I never want to carry another bag of rocks from my car to the back again. built some good muscles though!
broken and sinking, this poor old slab gets a do-over. We had him put the new deck over the slab. Also made it bigger!
uh...yeah...just a tad better. I have wanted a pergola for years!
the right side of the yard. patchy areas where grass never grows. I dug up most of the dead areas to plant perennials. I wanted pathways to add interest and make it easier to get between the flower beds
We live next to a river and mostly I dug up bedrock. what a chore that was!
the right side is to the rest.....
this is towards the back, mostly weeds
looking straight back. Poor old ugly area! We wanted a second deck (also used for the bands when we have parties!) or a swaying hammock works good too.
Had our guy build a new fence too. The city put up the chain link because of the river on the other side. Laying in the hammock listening to that river is heavenly!
back part complete! now on the the left side
the neglected left. I promise to take better care of you! we built yet another seating area. This yard is screaming for a party!
I planted a baby peach tree. hang in there fella!
finally got my "rose trees on a pergola". Been on my wish list forever
details on the deck- this fan really works well, and 1 row of bamboo helps with the blazing sun.
more details
the view from the door to the backyard. what a difference! I also added a line of "misters" on the pergola. It can get 100 here in Utah, they work great. and Lights all around the top too. It's amazing at night. Voila ! now for the guest list................................
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  • Matt N Kim Matt N Kim on Nov 19, 2017
    Where can you buy the sand? We plan to expand our backyard and I definitely want to use it.

  • Swe31730891 Swe31730891 on May 01, 2018

    Hi great job !! But I was wondering about having the fan outside ... aren’t you worried about moisture getting in it??

    I would love to put one out but that is my big concern with it .

  • Rachel Cummings Rachel Cummings on Oct 23, 2020

    I have a bunch of lava rock. How can I use it for a fire pit?

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  • Patricia Fluharty Patricia Fluharty on Dec 06, 2018

    Great job, it looks very inviting and cozy!!

  • Joanne Joanne on Jan 25, 2023

    Hi Symea, I didn't know what to expect when I saw your "before" picture, but your "after" pix have completely enchanted me. Everywhere I look I see a happy, cozy summer party just waiting for your fun-loving guests. Your rock gardens and plants, with the warm sunlight shining through the leaves, are of particular interest to me. I will probably have to copy those ideas onto my own bare stretch of dark mulch. Brava. Well done and thank you for posting. Joanne