Bamboo Privacy Screen

Julie Ortiz
by Julie Ortiz
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This privacy screen has been hanging for years and has endured rain and winds up to 40mph and still sound and secure!

Bamboo Privacy Screen

We cut, painted and screwed into post brackets a 4 x 4 header between posts to hang panel. Could also cut longer a stronger PVC pipe, or steel pipe using closet pole holders and screw into side posts....just a thought.

Bamboo is 8' and folded to make 4' privacy screen with bed sheet inside for additional privacy and secured with small zip ties. Cut bedsheet to size of folded bamboo to hang inside the privacy screen. Cut 2 PVC pipe's for top and folded bottom of bamboo screen, and secure with zip ties.

Used zip ties thru bamboo, under top PVC pipe, to hang on screw hooks screwed into header. Slide 2nd PVC pipe between bamboo at folded bottom and secure with zip tie attach to screw hooks on each post.

This privacy screen has been hanging for over two years and has endured rain and winds up to 40mph and still looks great!

Note: I use the bed sheet for additional privacy and noise reduction, but use your imagination for another possibility.

Love zip ties!

The hooks are screwed into header and zip ties to hang.

Back of screen.

Secure bottom on back side of post.

Optional closet pole holder

Optional to install between side posts for PVC or steel pipe instead of a header.

Suggested materials:
  • 8' Bamboo fencing   (Home Depot)
  • Zip ties and hooks   (Home Depot and Walmart)
  • Old flat bed sheet   (Home)
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  • Malika Ibrahim Malika Ibrahim on Jan 17, 2019

    I dont see the bed sheet, not quite understansing how or where it fits in?

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  • Donna Bates Donna Bates on May 24, 2021

    You just gave me an awesome idea of doing this. Much cheaper than what I was thinking of doing. I have such nosey neighbors. Thank You for posting!

    • Julie Ortiz Julie Ortiz on May 24, 2021

      Thank you…Neighbors not really nosey, but from their deck they, and their visitors, can see right into our backyard. Just makes for more privacy. The bed sheet in between makes it a total view blocker.

  • Anne Walker Anne Walker on Nov 20, 2021

    I like your idea a lot, much less expensive than this fake ivy trellis I was going to buy from Amazon. I’m thinking a little bleach cleaner once a year to kill mold is ok? I live near the water and mold is a big problem.

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    • Julie Ortiz Julie Ortiz on Nov 20, 2021

      Forgot to mention, in the same pic, the bamboo fencing attached to our backyard fence is only because we have a german shorthair that can jump a four foot fence in a heart beat, and helps keep out some of the critters that roam our levee at night…LOL