Beginning of a Back Yard

Marcia Hinkelmann
by Marcia Hinkelmann
The evolution of a backyard makeover that took place over the course of 1 year.
Nothing special. Just a sagging, composite deck on a hard packed clay yard.
No access from the deck to the garage. This area was muddy and unsightly when it rained.
A small backhoe was brought in to dig up the hard packed clay in preparation for the flower beds.
We chopped out tree roots, dug up clay and worked on creating a home for all of the plants I dragged with us to our new home.
The soil had to be amended with well rotted manure and good black dirt before the flowers could go in.
a 250 gallon water storage tank was put in prior to collect rain water from the roof. Once it was full, we could begin planting the flowers.
The next Summer, the old deck was removed and my husband started building a new deck. The old composite deck was re-used to build a hunting stand.
Large pavers were placed in the area between the garage and the deck. This gave it a whole new function and look.
Finished deck with all the flowers blooming. The flowers were put into place during the Summer of 2012 and the deck during the Summer of 2013.
The stumps are gone and we thoroughly enjoy our yard. This year.........the front yard!
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