Cool Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard For Your Children This Summer

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by Homecourt Sports St. Louis
With the glorious summer months finally in full swing, now's the time to spend as much of your life outdoors as possible relaxing in the backyard. Whether it's laying around near the pool, playing with your pets around the garden, entertaining friends with an all-day barbecue cookout or a swanky patio deck dinner party in the evening, enjoying the warmer temperatures, the calming ambiance and the divine fresh air makes you happy to be alive!
But what if you've grown tired of your backyard, and want to find a few new and unique ways to spruce up the area? Here are a few cool ways to help reinvigorate your love for spending time outside with your loved ones.
A Large-Scale Drawing Board - For homeowners who have young children who love to draw and paint, if you are keen to improve their artistic skills, build a temporary wall approximately five-feet high, and then let your kids dabble with paints and colored chalk. If this is not possible, try suspending a large chalkboard onto an outside wall and let them draw, sketch, scribble and gradually improve their creative talents.
A DIY Movie Theater - Fun for the whole family, everyone loves going to the movies and with this idea, you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home! Using a projector and a clean white bed sheet or white wall as a makeshift screen, just think of the fun you can have when you're watching any movie you want, eating all the popcorn your belly can manage, and all without having to even pay for a pricey movie ticket.
Stargazing Bunk Bed Hideout - If your kids adore looking at the moon and stars before they go to sleep, an old bunk bed can be moved out into the backyard and recycled as a peaceful stargazing refuge. Just think of the constellations-based fun you could have as you show your children the wonders of the galaxy throughout the sky above.
A Backyard Basketball Playground - For families with sports-mad kids, have you ever considered bringing the basketball court on to your own property? If your li'l boys and gals love playing basketball with their school friends in the driveway, you may want to treat them to a full backyard-centric court, so they can play to the heart's content as well as keeping fit, healthy and active too.
A Pillowy Meditation Retreat - Suitable for adults and children who like relaxing outdoors in the fresh air, constructing your own tranquil meditative area at the bottom of your garden can help eliminate the stresses and strains of everyday life. Create a stunningly serene backyard or patio deck spot filled with cozy large pillows, billowy sheet or net curtains, a calming water fountain, a stereo playing soothing classical music, and soft candlelit lighting for when the sun sets. A meditation area is especially effective if you have children who find it hard to focus during the day, or for kids who might get a little worked up if they play too much basketball!
Backyard Camping Fun - For kids both big and small that love watching the sunset and then sleeping under the stars, a comfy homemade tent, canopy or tipi, is simply irresistible. Another idea is to build a simple tree house that everyone can climb, just so you can watch the stars from a little closer than the ground.
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