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Susan Davia
by Susan Davia
2 Days
We since living here had a major eye sore...an area between the 2 sheds along one side of the house. This area quickly became a catch all for broken unwanted things and surplice construction items
I decide this past weekend IT HAD TO GO and go it did....filled up our little pick up with 1 load and still had another to go...2 loads gone...some tree trimming and now the fixing of the broken fence and moving of items to create the outdoor dining area....
dining area.....
Day 1....load 1 of junk ready to go tomorrow
Day 2 ...2nd load ready to go plus broken fence to fix and table and 2 chairs moved over to this area
also moved a water feature into the corner
water feature
fence repaired and some decor on the "walls"
had two chairs here but decided to move a shelf here instead...we moved the table over here which was just sitting covered on the other side the house that was too small to fit the table
the shelf in place filled with decor suited for outside and plants
shed doors will be painted with a mural and next spring we will completely pave this area...
Between the bowers of trees and umbrella,we sat here yesterday staying dry and it rained...We now have seating for 7 and an additional area for people to mingle and relax.
cozy little area to relax and have a great meal..I will be also putting in a arch/gate in the area off from the shed to close area off ...and will add a generous amount of mulch.
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