"The ultimate in play dates"

An after school pizza gathering for my son and his buddies at the Beach. You heard right. Enjoying one of the more pleasant afternoons with drinks, food and then its off to making real live sand sculptures. This gorgeous, 30ft. x 20ft x 15" deep natural sandy beach is more then anyone could ever expect for a residential back yard. This beautiful 3800lb. Bermuda sandstone slab is perfectly functional as a beach grade table for starters. Remove the umbrella and turn a valve and you have an amazing bubbling rock that our guests also use as a place to always remain wet and cool while sunbathing. Did I mention that the real focal point of this project is off to the right of this Bermuda sunbathing boulder?
Remember the name, Liquid Designz, the pioneer of this unique concept. Also known as "The Legends of Rock"
Now this is thinking outside the box gang.
The ultimate spot for the dedicated sunbather.
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 30, 2012
    I'm a fan of REAL as well...whether it is rocks, flooring, wood etc.

  • For the woman who is concerned about sanitary issues regarding this beach photo. A legitimate concern. However. Anyone who allows their kids to roll around in their backyards, sand or grass it's all the same minimal risk. You should also know that seagulls are some of the filthiest birds on the planet. There are many municipal swimming facilities that have sandy beaches as part of the attraction. They actually have more of a sanitary issue with all the large number of water fowl. Incidently, we need to be much more concerned with fertilizers and or pesticides. In this particular case, this beach which is 15" deep is raked and lightly blown everyday and the adults and kids that have interracted with it has been off the charts. Outside of a few deer now and then, nothing to worry about. It's not for the Howie Mandels of the world:)