This is something a little different from the other designs that I previously posted.

Southern Trillium LLC
by Southern Trillium LLC
The clients in Virginia Highlands several years ago presented us with a weed infested backyard. They did not care to have any type of lawn, and preferred to have a beautiful space to enjoy looking at from the main floor and their screened porch. After going through the design process with them, we began the installation. As you will see in the photos, what began as an unused weed infested space is now a beautiful backyard garden requiring very little maintenance. The before photo is included and was taken at almost the exact same angle as the after photo looking into the backyard. The After photo was taken 4 years after installation.
Also designed and built was the custom Cedar gate providing entry into the garden. We personally custom built this gate for them. As you will notice, there are no visible fasteners from the main view on the gates. All lumber was milled to match. Every joints is half-lapped and fitted tight. This allows for no required diagonal support as every joint is supporting the structure. The posts are pressure treated pine, but we wrapped them in cedar. We dadoed the groove, creating the upper detail and made the caps to finish it off. These gates required hours of works at our large saws, but the end product is unique and the clients were ecstatic.
The view looking into the garden space. 4 years after instalaltion.
This is the before view. Almost the exact same angle as the After view.
A detail view of the sundial in the garden, custom made for its location.
The custom Cedar gate we designed and built for our client providing entry into the backyard garden.
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  • Anna K Anna K on Dec 04, 2011
    how about an old lawmower with black fumes coming out of it-i'd wear that shirt. :*) I can totally relate with southern trillium llc, i LOVE landscaping. i sometimes get teased about trying to sell at dinners etc because i just gush whenever someone asks what i do for a living.

  • Connie K Connie K on May 24, 2012
    Erica, I think Douglas is on to something with the t-shirt idea. I'd love to reduce the turf area in my yard, just not with something that requires more work than the turf! (Yes, I'd like to win the lottery, too) I guess that's right up there with the "maintenance free" design, huh?