Transforming the Garden

Stephen Taylor
by Stephen Taylor
As I haven't posted (or for that fact made) anything in the last couple of weeks I thought I would update you with a general post about landscaping with links to projects that I have carried out over the last year or two.
All the lifting and shifting was done manually as I ran out of money for a digger, and all done by myself and my lovely wife Jill
I have tried to take before and after pics from roughly the same position
Hope you enjoy
As you can see, post build we had a flat sea of sand compacted so hard you had to chisel through it to plant
Link to fountain here
and an upcycled one
The Back
And again, some of the plants need a bit of a haircut!)
We have a small flat for guests, this is at the rear
Link to building raised beds here
This was a weekends work to dig over, compost, weedmat, plant and mulch. (it's grown a bit since!)
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