Make a Charming Flower Stand Ladder... With 2x4s and Branches!

August came... and I didn't have ONE flower planted. My poor patio with coffee in the AM wasn't a very flower happy sight.
So, (after putting the coffee down, no easy task), it was time to get creative.
Throwing together 2 2x4s and some branches, this charming flower stand ladder transpired!
It's time to celebrate.. with another coffee of course. :)
Here's how I did it!
Nothing says "Flowers are in the house!" like a ladder filled with flowers! But this one comes with a twist... it's all hand made.
Want a cool ladder in a jiffy? All you need are 2 2x4's and some branches. That's it!

Cut the 2x4s down to desired size, then paint.
Decide how wide you want your ladder, then cut the branches to size.

I love old looking signs, so an old sign styled stencil made adding Flower MARKET instant and easy!
Attach branches from the outside of the 2x4s with screws. Yep, that easy.
Collect every bucket or oil funnel you have. Drill holes in the bottom where applicable, fill with some rocks, then soil.
Hang from the ladder rungs with twine, then plant as desired! Cute, compact, and... FLOWERS!

And that makes it time for yet another coffee, don't you agree? :)
This ladder was crated with the Market Extension stencils. You can find these stencils and many more HERE

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