New garden in a forgotten corner

by AnaAlvarez
We moved to our house three years ago, and in the backyard there was this space, surrounded by an old fence. Inside there was nothing but pieces of nylon and a rotten roof in one side. The place was a part of the house where nobody wanted to go. So.....we took away the rotten roof, and with some pieces of wood my husband made raised beds, then we painted the old fence, we put a little table and chairs and now we have a beautiful garden where we spend a lot of time every day....
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  • Jayme Jayme on Jun 12, 2013
    Very nice. Love the removable hoop idea. Can you give me a few more details on the hoops -like how wide are your beds and what is the length of the PVC. I have raised beds too and have talked to hubby about doing the hoop thing and he keeps giving me I guess I will have to do them myself!!

  • AnaAlvarez AnaAlvarez on Jun 13, 2013
    Hi Jayme! I'm glad you like the idea of the removable hoop! My beds are 3' wide and the length of the PVC (1/2") pipes is 6' ; we used 1/2" pipes, since the walls of the pipes are not thick and in this way is easy to work with them. You can try with your beds, if they are wider, then the pipe must be a little longer. Just try with one, and when you get the high of the hoop you like, you can cut the pipe and use it as sample for the rest. Good luck and have fun!