4 Tips for Success With Aquatic Plants

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by Aquascape Inc.
If you want to have a low-maintenance, naturally balanced ecosystem pond, you absolutely must incorporate plants into your water garden. Without aquatic plants, algae will enjoy a healthy feast on the nutrients that are available in the pond. Following are some easy tips to help you succeed in making sure you keep your pond balanced with aquatic plants.
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1. Include a minimum number of plants for your pond. We recommend a minimum of 40-50% of the surface area of your pond covered with plants.
2. Use plants to naturally filter the water in your pond. Plants absorb nitrates and phosphates that would otherwise encourage and contribute to algae growth. Generally speaking, the more plants you have, the less algae-related maintenance will be required.
3. Prune plants to keep them from overtaking the pond. If your pond looks like it’s being suffocated by plants, it’s time to do a little pruning to regain a balanced look.
4. Add marginal plants for a natural look. When you look at ponds out in the wild you’ll see Mother Nature has incorporated a variety of plants around the edges. Be sure to include marginal aquatic plants in your pond to help soften the edges and make your pond blend in with the surrounding landscape.
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  • Judy4justice Judy4justice on May 09, 2014
    My pond is only 5 ft x 10 feet.I have 3 pots of water lilies and 1 aquatic plant (can't remember the name of it) that is huge.Is this enough?My water stays dirty even with my UV light/filter/pump running constantly.I have no fish yet, was waiting to add them this year, just built the pond last fall.I do have 2 Iris's that I can add if needed.Thanks.

  • Lyndi F Lyndi F on May 09, 2014
    Love my aquatic plants! Things are just starting to come alive.