5 Tips For Gardening With Kids

Melissa Russo
by Melissa Russo
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Cultivate some outdoor family fun with these 5 Tips For Gardening With Kids.
Three cheers for gardening season! I am pretty stoked that spring has finally arrived. The trees are blossoming, the bulbs are peeking our of the soil and the weather is finally starting to warm up a little. Spring signifies a celebration of “out with the old (winter) and in with the new (spring).” Our farm market and garden center is reopening this week for the season and many of us are anxious to start digging in our gardens. For many parents, spring is also when we can do a happy dance because we can send the kids outside to play. They have been cooped up all winter and need to release just a little bit of that energy they have.
It’s the perfect time of year to teach them about gardening. Teaching them the basics of gardening will help them gain a better appreciation for this beautiful planet we live on. Gardening also gets the kids off the couch, off the TV, off the electronic devices, and out the door.
Gardening is a great way to cultivate (see what I did there) family fun. Teaching your kids about the basics of gardening will help them gain a better appreciation for this beautiful planet we live on. So as you head out into the great outdoors with the family, check out these 5 tips for gardening with kids.

It all starts with a plan. Have a chat with your child and find out what types of plants they want to grow. Do they want to plant vegetables? Do they want to plant flowers? Or, do they want to plant both. If you are new to gardening, I always recommend starting out small. Planning out your gardening idea before you head to your local garden center will make life much easier when you shop with your kids. Trust me. Having a list of specific plants or seeds you want to plant will help keep the kids (and parents) on task.
Help them choose the perfect space. Determining your growing environment and how much space you have is one of the most important steps in gardening. A vegetable garden needs sun, as do a lot of flowers. Once you determine your plan, then you need find a dedicated space in your yard to put help your child put that plan to work. Don’t have a large yard? No problem. Consider planting a container garden on your deck or porch.

Help Them Choose The Perfect Plant. Now that you and your child have a garden plan. You need some plants. Choose plants or seeds that will work well in growing environment I also recommend planting seeds or plants that are relatively easy to grow. This sets them up for success. If you are unsure about how the plant or seed will grow, check the plant tag or seed packet. All the information from planting to maturity will be on there. It’s your best friend.
Help them prep before they plant. Now it’s time to dig in. If your kids are anything like my kids were when they were young, getting dirty is a no-brainer. Teach them how to prepare the soil by tilling it or cleaning and filling the pots if they are planting a container garden.Teach them how to water, weed and feed. Gardening takes work but it is definitely rewarding in the end. I love that gardening teaches kids responsibility.

Teaching them how and when to water, weed and feed will foster a sense of accomplishment too once they see the fruits of their labor.Gardening with your kids is a rewarding experience. It is an awesome opportunity to spend quality time together as a family while teaching them valuable skills. The key is to have fun! Does your family plant a garden? Follow this easy tips and watch your child reap the fruits of his or her labor.
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