9 Easy Ways to DIY Decorate Your Home With Succulents

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Who doesn't love succulents? With their range of colors and shapes, and their limited needs, succulents of all varieties are the perfect greenery to add to every corner of your home. Instead of displaying multiple pots on coffee tables and shelves, however, get a little creative with your succulent showcasing via some nifty DIY ideas. These 9 out-of-the-pot ideas will help you put these little desert plants front and center so they can be admired from all sides. And after you finish here, be sure to check 15 really fun DIY projects that will definitely spruce up your home!

1. Concrete Wall Planters

Concrete Wall Planters

Project via Ananda @ A Piece of Rainbow

Turn your house plants into wall art, by filling a blank space with these wall mounted concrete succulent planters. Concrete planters are as versatile as you can get, so that you can design a pattern that fits your style and compliments your home decor.

2. Sempervivum Sphere

Sempervivum Sphere

Project via Jacki @ Drought Smart Plants

Using old pantyhose and inexpensive hanging baskets, create the perfect frame for thriving hens and chicks to show off their glorious colors. This design is ideal for a porch or patio, but it would also look amazing inside hanging by a sunny window.

3. Green Chandelier

Green Chandelier

Project via Sunset Magazine

Give your decor some height, with a succulent hanging planter to suspend some beauty wherever your home needs it. This planter design from Sunset Magazine combines the perfect smooth structure of the hanging pot with the chalky, stiff leaves of a flourishing succulent.

4. Fountain Full

Fountain Full

Project via Becky @ Organizing Made Fun

Look high and low for fun ways to plant a little differently than usual, like this tiered fountain turned succulent garden. Thrift store bird baths, fountains, and garden ornaments are great places to show off a few bright succulents.

5. Soup Cans

Soup Cans

Project via Brandi @ Don't Disturb This Groove

Turn old cans or jars into a cozy home for some vibrant succulents. Not only are these great for placing anywhere in your home, but if you've got a collection of vintage containers like old soup cans, succulents are the perfect thing to compliment that aged look.

6. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

Project via Cassie @ Kent Heartstrings

Upcycle an old shipping pallet by turning it into a vertical succulent garden, and give yourself more space to plant. Leaning your garden against an exterior wall is a great way to maximize your outdoor space, and care for a pallet-full of succulents that can be collected, propagated, and even gifted.

7. Wooden Shoe Planter

Wooden Shoe Planter

Project via Irene

As long as it's porous enough, anything can be a pallet planter, even old pieces of clothing or shoes, like this decorative wooden clog. Add interest to your coffee table, front steps, or flower beds, with unique accessories packed with tiny succulents.

8. Wall Crate

Wall Crate

Project via Michael @ Inspired by Charm

Vintage meets vibrant, in this DIY vertical planter made in the style of an old soda crate, with a chicken wire net to keep tiny succulent buds nestled in. All it takes is some 2x4's, a little paint, and a few stencils to bring this living work of art to your outdoor space.

9. Monogram Wreath

Monogram Wreath

Project via Beth @ Unskinny Boppy

Perfect for a customized gift, a front door greeting, or a living addition to your gallery wall, a monogram wreath is as simple as creating a large letter form and nestling your succulent babies into place. Now, that's decor that's growing and changing right along with you.

For more great succulent ideas to preen your green, check out our succulent page on Hometalk!

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