Bed Frame Project

Julie Garrett-Wright
by Julie Garrett-Wright
My latest garden project with an unused bed frame. Enjoy!
Supplies Needed: Bed frame, 3 bags of quickset cement, post for old canopy tent, drill, all thread, nuts and washers.
Mushroom molds for deco posts
Cut holes in the center of 3 gal bucket and Round Shaped Planter Pot. Holes will be same diameter of posts for canopy
Finished mushroom with canopy post
I added some planter pots to sit on mushroom for planting vines
Planter pots look trick :)
Finished canopy
Using old center frame elbows, I made a slight apex on the frame. Using other poles, I drilled holes in frame and posts for mounting frame.
Finished frame front side
Finished reading room.
This frame will be used in winter as a green room.
Placed reading room in shaded area in garden behind some juvenile spruce trees for privacy.
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