Buxus Cuttings Tutorial

Michelle W
by Michelle W
There are other ways to strike cuttings, using hormone powder or you can even make a "tea" from willow bark, but I don't bother, just cut, trim and in the ground in a very shady spot, not trays. Always take lots of cuttings, as some will die, but the main thing I do is not be too precious about it, just go for it and see what happens.
A lot of the cuttings brown off and don't look very healthy, but they come away eventually, it's all about forming a root structure, the top come later,here's where you have to be patient.
Take as many cuttings as you want, I never use the very top, the leaves are too delicate.
Cut the top leaves and stems off, so the cutting it quite compact, this one is about 10cm high, also take off some of the lower leaves, you can do this between your fingers.
Straight into the ground, a nice shaded spot, that won't be dug over or disturbed. Push it well into the soil, so that the lower branches and leaves are buried, the roots will strike on all of these. Water when needed.
It looks a bit blah, but look at all the roots, once these are established you can plant out, for a hedge about 20 -30cm apart, so you need a lot.
And this is what you can have, they are due for their winter trim,so look a wee bit scruffy.
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  • Therese Ryan-Haas Therese Ryan-Haas on Mar 25, 2014
    Hummmm now to find someone who needs thier hedge trimed. lol.

  • Michelle W Michelle W on Mar 25, 2014
    Hi Therese, Gardeners are a generous lot, so maybe you might find someone who is trimmings there hedges and would give you some of the trimmings. All my hedges started this way and I also bought two plants and once they were established I let them grow without any trimming, so that I could take cuttings. Happy gardening.