Create Newspaper Pots

Kat Davis-Moran
by Kat Davis-Moran
You can grow dozens or even hundreds of new plants to fill your yard and garden with great flavors and bright color for the cost of just a few packets of seed. And you don't even need to pay for seed trays or planting pots. Grab a few sections of newspaper out of the recycling bin, and in just a few minutes, you can turn them into perfect containers for starting seeds.Materials:one sheet of newspaper for each pot you want to make

one 10- to 15-oz. can or glass toliet paper roll will also work
moistened seed-starting mediumwaterproof tray Create the Planting Pot:
1. Fold the sheet of newspaper lengthwise (with the long edges together fold into thirds) to create a strip. Press along the folded edge
2. Set the can on its side at one end of the strip, with the base about 2 inches up from the cut edge. Roll the newspaper around the can to create a cylinder
3. Starting at the outer seam, fold the free end of the cylinder inward Make three more folds inward to create the base of the pot, pressing firmly to make the folds as flat as possible. You can use biodegradable tape too
4. Slip the pot off of the can or bottle. Starting at the outer seam, fold the top 1/2 to 1 inch of the pot inward to create a stable rim
5. Hold the pot with one hand, with some of your fingers on the bottom to keep it closed. Fill the finished pot to the top with moistened seed-starting medium, and set it in a waterproof tray.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 to make as many "pots" as desired i have made 8 dozen in an hour.
waterproof tray can be anything, safe those take-out trays they work awesome.
Paper is biodegradable plant right into your garden.
fold newspaper into thirds
roll your container i am using metal glass
fold bottoms n tape
yay lil plants ready for the garden
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