Divide Your Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

3 Materials
15 Minutes
Though slow growing eventually you may need to divide your Snake Plant. It is easy and you get more!
This Snake plant was so pot bound that the roots were circling round and round the pot. Once I pulled it out I realized there was not very much soil left in the pot and it was mostly roots.
Thankfully, dividing Sansevieria is not difficult and they are not too fussy about it either.
Gently pull some clumps of leaves from the base apart, just grab firmly and wiggle them as you pull.
You want to pull them far enough apart to clearly see where you should cut the thicker roots apart. I like to have a few clumps together in each segment I cut for a fuller plant.
Repot the new section. I use 1 gallon plastic pots but you can use ceramic, terra cotta etc.
I pot mine in a custom mix of 1/2 potting soil and 1/2 cactus mix.
Many times the new plant is so big it is top heavy and can topple since the roots are not yet engaged with the new soil. I tie them to a bamboo cane stuck into the pot with thins cut strips of pantyhose.
I sometimes put decorative stones on top of the soil to give it more stability and I love to display my new plant in a vintage crock.
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Suggested materials:
  • Potting soil   (garden center)
  • 1 gallon plastic pot   (recycle from plant purchase)
  • Overgrown Snake plant   (My bedroom)
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