Low Light Gardening + No Space Garden Alternatives.

Gather ideas and inspiration for creating a garden when you have little-to-no light or space. Low light gardening tips, along with no space gardening ideas!
Whenever I share my passion for living green and growing your own food / plants, I hear a common problem: “I would love to grow food / plants / herbs, but I have no space and no light!”

While most edibles and plants adore natural light for a minimum of 6 hours a day, there’s plenty of beauties you can practice your green thumb with despite the absence of space or lighting. But before we jump into the list of what to grow, let’s first tackle the issue of spacing.
No Space Gardening

Stop worrying about how little space you have; turn up your creative juices and let the ideas flow! There are endless options to grow food, herbs, and plants indoors with little-to-no spacing:

• Purchase a windowsill planter

• Create upside-down planters out of coffee cans

• Use teacups or coffee mugs as small planters

• Hang towel rods or a shelf on the wall for planting

• Hang baskets or bowls to create a vertical garden space

• Purchase or create an indoor vertical greenhouse

• Take advantage of poles and railings within your home

• Use a hanging shoe organizer as a vertical garden

• Turn your wine / soda crates into miniature raised beds

• Create a hanging mason jar garden (or leave the jars on a counter)

• Make DIY grow bags

• Turn your old water + soda bottles into planters

• Use your old ladder as a multi-tier garden
Now that we’ve side-stepped the issue of little-to-no space for your garden, light is the next hurdle. In low light situations, you may not be able to grow an entire vegetable and fruit garden, but there are still plenty options to grow edibles or add plants to your home.
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