Growing Lemon Tree From Seeds

by Ivylore
2 Materials
1 Hour

Update: February 2022- My how fast they grow, lol! My little lemon tree is not so little any more. Every summer, I take it outside and then every fall I bring it back inside (I live in Michigan). It is now reaching up to the ceiling!.

Update; February 2017- I am so pleased that my lemon tree continues to grow after planting lemon seeds from a lemon that I had in the refrigerator! The lemon tree is now at least 4 feet tall and has grown another branch! Love it!!!

Have always wanted a lemon tree, but cannot grow here in Michigan. After seeing a post in Pinterest about growing a lemon tree in a pot, I decided to try it. (April 2013) Of course my seeds were nothing like the pictures. I only had about four seeds; they were small; and they came from an "old" lemon. I put them in the baggie in the wet paper towel just like the instructions said and put it in the window for a few weeks. Nothing- no sign of any little root growing! I decided to just go ahead and plant them as they were in some dirt and just put them near a window. I had forgotten all about them until one morning when lo and behold: four little plants growing! Isn't nature AMAZING! I have my lemon tree after all!

UPDATE: March 30, 2015- Of all the seeds I originally planted, I now have one plant remaining. See picture below. It is healthy and strong and still growing!

Feb 2022- My little lemon tree is now reaching the ceiling! What am I going to do when it will no longer fit inside!!!??? I guess I'll have to move to a warmer climate, lol!

Feb 2017- my little lemon tree has grown a second branch!!!

My little lemon tree has grown a branch!!! Love it!

March 30, 2015- Over 2ft. tall!

My how you've grown! 2 years old! Now a little over 2 feet tall :)

First lemon seeds growing in the pot!!! 2013

Seedlings still growing! Summer 2013

Only 3 still growing on Sept. 2, 2013

The lone survivor one year later (April 2014)! About 5 inches tall! Love it!

Sept 2014- over 12 in tall- had to repot! Likes the sunny spot in the window.

Suggested materials:
  • Lemon seeds; potting soil/soil
  • Pot
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  • Judy Judy on Mar 25, 2023

    Has it had any lemons yet? You might could top the tree so it doesn’t get taller. I would check this out

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  • Janerose Janerose on Feb 03, 2022

    Oh n my husband bought me a Meyers Lemon tree 3yrs ago fir Mother’s Day…I love it…goes outside in the Summer n back in before frost season in MA

  • Ivylore Ivylore on Feb 09, 2022

    Awesome! I wish I lived in a warmer climate where I could plant my lemon tree outside. As it is, I can't do that here in Michigan. So, I am going to have to figure out what to do once my tree is too large to keep inside!