Hostas Are Not Just for the Ground

They can be divided and shared 3 out of 4 seasons and with so many sizes and colors you cannot go wrong!
You can grow them in the ground.
You can grow them in pots.
You can grow a few in the sun and many in shade.
Some are small and some are tall.
Some are fragrant while others are not.
But when it comes to a plant that can share a space and give you years of enjoyment, Hostas (or Plantains as many tags will read) are the easiest plant to grow. They are not foolproof since they can be attacked by slugs, voles, and eaten by deer but if you are vigilant you can overcome these destructive forces and enjoy a beautiful garden filled with hostas.
Hosta play well with others.
That is why they make a great container plant for the shade (or if you have a sun loving variety). I love impatiens with Hosta in simple pots to add color in the shade. Many green and variegated hosta can tolerate some sun as long as you keep it well watered. I use hosta in the shade here in zone 7 because I do not want to water twice a day (and my thoughts are 'why make more work for yourself?".
I use hosta anywhere I need to fill in a spot. Many of the hosta I use in pots are overwintered in the pots and then I only need to add the annuals for color. In zone 5 and under, I would overwinter the hosta next to the house or protected area so that they do not die from the freeze.
Do not be afraid to mix hosta with any of your favorite plants in your garden.
Do not be afraid to divide the hosta every spring and if it gets too large for the pot during the summer . I have had to divide hostas in the summer when I underestimated how large the hosta was going to grow. That happens to me a lot.
I do divide in the pots every spring though. Hostas recover quickly from division and with adequate water your hosta will not even know you took a chunk. Since I am running out of room and I save many hosta from ‘predators’ -deer, slug, & voles, I am always sharing and swapping with other gardeners.
I hope this gives you ideas to expand your container gardening and include hostas. The best advantage to using hosta as the accent plant in a container is the cost-free!
Happy Gardening!
I saved this hosta after voles had eaten the roots and had no room in the shade garden
Adding Caladium is one of my fave plants to add with them
Colocasia (black Elephant ears), Coleous, Impatiens, Sweet Potato vine, and a hosta.
A saved hosta still in its pot from last fall when it was devoured by the deer on top and voles on the bottom
Took some Creeping Jenny from neighbors patch which was spreading too much.
I just love Impatiens in my galvanized buckets with hosta. A vinca and a daylily from the dirt...surprises
The Garden Frog with C Renee
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  • Patti Patti on Jun 01, 2017
    Is it the same as a mole?

  • Tomyy Tomyy on Jun 30, 2017
    How do you keep deer from eating Hostas

  • Connie Shaw Connie Shaw on Jul 07, 2017
    I live in Arizona, it has been 100- 115 degrees for the last month, can I grow a Hosta even in the shade?
    Thank you

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  • Pattiecake51 Pattiecake51 on Jul 23, 2019

    I will use this on my small entry porch next year

  • Brenda Brenda on Jul 28, 2022

    I love love love hostas. I had a huge one in backyard of my apartment. When we bought our new home I couldn't bring it with me. Now, I haven't been able to start hostas at the new place because we barely have shade. Tried planting some under one of the 2 big trees in our front yard (our house is south facing) and no matter how hard I tried they just got burned up by the sun because as it moves around/over our property the trees have way less shade than I anticipated. I can't even get marigolds to grow there and I can usually grow them anywhere