How to Create Recycled Container Herb Garden With Your Kids

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Teach your kids to grow their own food with an easy recycled container herb garden. Here’s how to make one.

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The last few weeks have been crazy for everyone and with everything going on in the world, we are all adjusting to new things. The kids are home from school and with store shelves often being wiped out, it has made me even more aware of how important it is to have additional sources for some of the foods and products we use every day.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up in Iowa, I’ve become determined to plant more of a garden this year. It’s still a little bit early to plant the in-ground stuff here, however, to get a head start, we started our gardening for the year with a recycled container herb garden using seeds from our friends at True Leaf Market.

How to Create Recycled Container Herb Garden

While we collected enough cans to get our container garden started, we started our seeds in a recycled egg carton using the directions on the box. True Leaf Market has a wide variety of vegetable garden seeds, cover crops and kitchen herb garden seeds and bulk seeds available. Whether you’re a hardcore, old-school farmer, a back-yard- urban-gardener, or an organic-local-food CSA grower, True Leaf Market offers garden seeds, flower seeds and more for every type and skill level of gardener. Our herb garden seed kit had a great variety and also included some heirloom seeds which I was glad to see.

While our herb garden seeds worked on sprouting. we recycled some of our tin cans to use for our garden. We removed the labels and punched a few holes in the bottom for drainage.

To decorate our cans and add some color, we decided to paint them.

We used masking tape to tape off some areas for stripes and used some bright colors of acrylic paint we had on hand. To keep the paint from chipping and fading, I also sprayed with a clear gloss protective coat once the color was dry.

We added a small layer of rocks to the bottom of each can to help fill it up and add with drainage and then transplanted our herbs into our recycled can herb container garden. We are still working on making some cute garden markers, so I marked each can on the bottom with the type of seeds until we get something created.

The kids and I are looking forward to our little container garden growing, and we’ll be adding more to it in the next few weeks to come. We were so excited to get our herbs growing, that we decided to order some additional garden seeds and wildflower seeds to plant and tend during this extra time we have at home.

Want to get started on your garden? You can order True Leaf Market Vegetable Seeds, a True Leaf Market kitchen herb garden kit, True Leaf Market Herb Seeds and True Leaf Market garden seed packets to get started!

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