Making Your Own Bonsai

Jenny Tease
by Jenny Tease
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Went shopping and bought my plant or you may have something already I your garden many places sell bonsai starters and they are usually. cheep
these are the item you will also need coloured sand / rocks ,some dirt, and maybe some moss which can be found around your own garden
Prepare the pot .. I am using by adding the little mesh over the hole in the pot so your dirt doesn't fall through
Just pop it in to cover it helps with drainage as well as keeping the soil in place
tale plant from its pot and remove all dirt so u can see all the roots and untangle
Find the main large root and u can cut that shorter bit try not to take the smaller roots
This is once I have cut that main root and it makes it easier to fit in the small pot and help with stunting its growth
place a small amount of dirt in the pot
Place plant in the pot and start filling the dirt around it pressing gently but firmly to make sure all the dirt goes in and around he roots and covers the. base :)
next step is to use your little rocks or coloured sand and or moss to decorate the ground
Time to water :)
And the final product :) bonsais are for outside ! they don't like being inside as they are a tree , a little drink each day but don't flood them and they love either morNing sun , or afternoon sun but not all day sun!
Suggested materials:
  • A small plant with a nice trunk $12   (Local hardware store who stocks plants)
  • Some nice soil I had already   (Also at the hardware store or garden centre)
  • Some decrotive small rocks or coloured sand $2   (Craft shop)
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  • Jennifer Jennifer on Sep 04, 2017
    I really like plants a lot but I have never had a bonsai, I hear they take a lot of maintenance to keep pretty. Your's is pretty and it doesn't look that hard to keep up! Thanks for the share!

    • Jenny Tease Jenny Tease on Sep 15, 2017
      They aren't really that hard that's why I posted a easy way to do it I'm sure there is a hard way but we love the easy ways for everything on home talk ;)