Newbie Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

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If the warmer weather has made you catch the gardening bug and you have recently become interested in spending time in your front garden or backyard, there are obviously a lot of things to take into consideration when you first start out. As with many things in life, you will need to fully research what you want to do as opposed to plunging in headfirst and hoping that things go smoothly. But don't worry, even the seasoned gardening veterans make bad judgment calls and have to suffer the consequences from time to time. Here is a list of a few common mistakes that beginners sometimes make if they are new to working in the garden.
Planting In The Wrong Spot - If you do not carry out any research before you start your gardening journey, you will probably not be aware of the dangers that come with planting in the wrong spot. Therefore, make sure you are aware of what plants flourish where, whether in sun or in shade, so that you don't waste time, effort and money planting a particular plant in an area where it is unfortunately destined to fail. For many inexperienced gardeners, not knowing the sizes and dimensions of the space they plan to utilize will also cause possible setbacks in the future, so make sure that you are aware of these specific measurements.

Planting at the wrong time of year is a surefire gardening fail, so bear in mind basic facts such as this to help keep your gardening on track. Also bear in mind whether your plants or flowers prefer dry or moist soil. Plants that are stressed or suffer from health problems can attract both pests and diseases. Ensuring that your plants are situated in the correct conditions will help you to stop outside hazards from harassing the surrounding areas.
Buying Diseased Plants - Speaking of diseases, it's even worse to bring a disease into your garden by unintentionally purchasing ill or unhealthy plants from a gardening center or nursery. This may not happen regularly but, when it does, it will cause you an awful lot of trouble in the long run. Before buying anything, always inspect the leaves; keep away from wilted plant leaves with a sickly yellow or greenish-brown hue. Flaccid, lifeless leaves highlight that a plant has been neglected or, for want of a better term, is "over the hill."

Scrutinize the foliage carefully and make sure that it does not possess damage from small insects, such as aphids. It may seem like a no-brainer that it is best to choose plants with lush, verdant and vibrant foliage, but it's better to ensure that everyone is aware of the difficulties that bringing a diseased plant into your garden can produce. Furthermore, it is wise to not purchase flowers that are already in full-bloom, as this means that they are already near or past their prime. Frankly, this will mean that they won't have as much of a lifespan left by the time you settle them in your garden.
Being Too Ambitious - When you catch the gardening bug, it is a well-known fact that, for almost every plant you see, you will probably want it in your garden. Alas, growing everything you lay your eyes on is highly impractical, not only for space reasons but also because overcrowding your garden will have a detrimental effect on the general wellbeing on the plants. Although being ambitious is obviously a positive quality in relation to gardening, it may sadly be replaced by frustration, anger or annoyance if your grand plans get gradually quashed over time.
Try not to get carried away by starting too big; keep your plans pragmatic and (excuse the pun) down-to-earth. In addition, reflect on which color scheme you want for your garden. You may adore several different colors but remember that a disparate-looking garden offering too many colors will look chaotic and ugly as opposed to stunningly multicolored and rainbow-esque. Instead, divide colors that clash into different flowerbeds. For example, if you are fond of light purple and baby blue colors but also adore deep reds and hot pinks, keep the blue hues apart from the reds. In doing so, your garden will not look at odds with your general aesthetic.
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  • Dyanne Dyanne on Jun 24, 2014
    It is a good idea to look for perennials that are on sale now. The Lowe's in my area usually has 50%-75% off! Good buys for next year blooming season.

  • Tonya Tonya on Mar 25, 2015
    I adore flowers but my thumb is deadly, especially outside. I am gonna give it another go this Spring...Thanks for the info. And please please please, keep me in your prayers HT gardeners:)