Preserve The Harvest Series: Let's Talk Broccoli

by Shari@puregrace
Whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables, buy them at the Farmer’s Market or your local grocery store, the best time to preserve your bounty is when they are plentiful.
So let's talk broccoli and when the best time is to harvest your bounty.
BROCCOLI is a cool-weather crop and can be grown successfully in either spring or fall. Once the main head is harvested from the broccoli plant, small side shoots continue to form. Weather permitting; a steady supply of broccoli can be enjoyed throughout the summer. Broccoli is also a member of the cabbage family and is rich in vitamins and Beta-carotene
Broccoli should be harvested when the buds of the head are firm and tight before the heads begin to flower. Once you begin to see yellow petals, don’t wait; harvest immediately.

It is best to harvest early in the morning before the soil warms up for best taste.Take at least 6 inches of the stem when cutting the main head.

Side shoots will most likely develop after the main head has been harvested. Cut the small shoots often before they begin to flower and you may have broccoli all summer long.

Broccoli can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. It is not necessary to wash it before you place it in the refrigerator and will probably keep better if you don’t. If you must wash it, be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly before storing for best results.
Steaming helps to retain vital nutrients of the broccoli and serves to prevent over cooking that often takes place when blanching in water. A ice water bath is necessary to halt the cooking process that continues even after the broccoli has been removed from the steam
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