Asked on Mar 28, 2016

Will this weed killer hurt my flowers?

Lynne Thomas
by Lynne Thomas
I have a very weedy rose garden...will this also kill my rose bushes if I spray the weeds? I have other weeds overgrown also that have a few perennials that I would like to save but am not able to bend over and stoop to weed! A gallon of vinegar, dawn and Epson salts?
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  • Before you spray- what I see is a cool season weed- it is either Purple Deadnettle (Lamium purpureum) or Henbit and weeds that if you just pulled them up or even used a hoe to chop the tops off and put down at least 4" of mulch (maybe even a few layers of newspapers) could distinguish these weeds.

  • William William on Mar 28, 2016
    Anything you spray that kills the weeds will inadvertently also kill the plants. Since you can't bend or stoop, use a hoe to get at the weeds. Weed blocker fabric would be a plus, but a good 3" to 4" of mulch could stop the weeds. Maybe you could get one of the neighborhood kids to give you a hand.

  • Lynne Thomas Lynne Thomas on Mar 28, 2016
    Thanks so much for the quick reply. Both were exactly the answers I was hoping NOT to get but it what it is as the saying goes.

    • @Lynne Thomas I know many do not want to hear "pull the weeds out" but these weeds are very easy to pull out or use a hoe and scrape across the ground breaking them off at the roots. I highly suggesting 4" of mulch but I do not use weed fabric of any kind- but use newspapers. do not disturb the soil either because those weed seeds are dormant and as soon as you mess with the dirt you will tell them to grow LOL

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 28, 2016
    You can just make it easy on your self and smother the weeds out with heavy black plastic.You can not use any weed killer and obviously there are to many weeds to pull out.