Asked on Jun 03, 2016

Can you tell me what kind of plant this is??

by Marie
It is in our flower bed outside we live in Northern Utah, this looks like a house plant to me...though we don't know how it got here just one day, about 10yrs ago it appeared in our garden...ok weird thing it starts growing like in November it does not mind the snow...we get lots of snow here really cold...yet this house looking plant loves it ..By may it has a long rocket looking thing that come up in the middle, then it opens and there is a yellow looking spike flower about only 2" tall inside the opened the weather gets warmer like the end of May first week or so of June It dies off...does not like direct sunshine we can't cover it cuz it's right up by the brick house in the front yard and by afternoon the sun shines for the rest of the day until it gets Oh and one year I tried to dig it up to replant it, but it grows on a root system that is tubular like Iris roots grow...yet it does not get over grown or spread like Iris's do...I guess it really doesn't have a chance to get any bigger before the heat of summer comes along and kills it...It's a Beautiful plant... Ok I'm ready for an explanation...Ha Ha...
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