Asked on May 25, 2014

Does anyone know the name of these plants?

Debbie N
by Debbie N
I planted them last year, but did not keep the tag that came with them. I know they are perennials, but I can't remember what they look like! I would like to divide them to get more plants, but need to know what their blooms look like. Thanks so much!
does anyone know the name of these plants, flowers, gardening, perennials
does anyone know the name of these plants, flowers, gardening, perennials
  5 answers
  • Theresa Green Theresa Green on May 25, 2014
    the second pic looks like milk weed, you can try a group on facebook called Plant Identification, they are pretty helpful

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on May 26, 2014
    Are the leaves on the first plant toothed/serrated? It reminds me somewhat of physotegia (obedient plant).

  • Gini Gini on May 26, 2014
    I think it's obedient plant too. Bend one of the branches. If it stays how you bent it, it is obedient plant, hence the name. Look it up on a plant site to see it in bloom.

  • Glenda Thompson Glenda Thompson on May 26, 2014
    It looks like a balloon plant to me small buds will form at the top and the flowers look like small hot air balloon blue, pink, or white is very hardy will grow anywhere but does best in sunny areas. I have about 6 plants, they will self seed and will have different colored flowers than what is on the Mother plant. Wait for the blooms ithey are really pretty .I am refering to the second photo I don't know the plant in the first photo.

  • Michelle Michelle on Jun 18, 2015
    I have lots of these around my gardens. it is Milkweed. great for attracting butterflies, that's why I keep it around.