How often do you water a tomato plant?

by Nev19720366
  5 answers
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 28, 2017
    Tomato plants require daily water,when dry to the touch.

  • Karen Wilson Carver Karen Wilson Carver on May 28, 2017
    If they are in the ground (like in a garden) they need at least 1 inch of water per week unless it's excessively dry. (That's water until the is soaked to the depth of 1 inch. Daily watering is needed if they are in a container.

  • Once a day at least. If 100+, twice a day.

  • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on May 28, 2017
    If the top of the soil is dry to the touch surrounding the plant it's time to water. Because of tomatoes and other veggies being water reliant for a juicy, succulent fruit (of the vine), you want to make sure that they are kept moist but don't drown them. I've always found that misting work well when they are potted and I usually do this AM and PM.

  • Linda Linda on May 28, 2017
    Keep a bit moist until they set flowers, then let them get fairly dry before watering, from the bottom, don't get plant wet..