Asked on Jun 26, 2015

I have "Hens and Chicks" in clay pots outside

Julie Thomas
by Julie Thomas
How do I take care of Tthem during the winter months in Ohio?
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  • Trixie63 Trixie63 on Jun 28, 2015
    I live in northwest Ohio and I usually bury them under a ton of mulch. I've tried bringing them into the garage but forget to water them. I've found over the years that when I set them on the ground and mulch with shredded leaves, they do great.

  • CottonwoodMama CottonwoodMama on Jun 28, 2015
    I've always just left mine in the pots and they were fine, although I'm in zone 5. I don't even mulch, although it's easy enough. They are pretty hardy.

  • Julie Thomas Julie Thomas on Jun 29, 2015
    Thank you, Julie

  • Sari Graham Sari Graham on Jun 29, 2015
    I live in southwest Washington State, and I've always left them outside next to the house. While our winters are mostly rain, we do dip down to below freezing December into February. I haven't done anything special to them. I'm between zone 8a and 8b.

  • Sue stricker Sue stricker on Aug 19, 2015
    Lived in WV and MD and simply left them outside. No mulch or anything. They did fine. A neighbor stole one of mine and hid it in her basement for the winter--it died--go figure. She confessed and returned the pot.

  • Julie Thomas Julie Thomas on Aug 20, 2015
    Thanks for all the advice I've received.