How to enrich my garden plots to be ready to plant?

by Can21591129
  4 answers
  • Amanda Amanda on Jan 05, 2018
    Hello. What I do is add a few bags of compost, cow manure, and also peat moss. Then I use a shovel, or rototiller to mix the soil up.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 05, 2018
    You could do what I used to do to my veggie gardens in the eighties. I would put in sterilized manure, top soil and potting soil. Depending on how big you garden is, mine was about 12x12 feet, and I did two of each for the first two years, after that I did the manure every other year and only did potting soil and top soil, equal amounts. Now I do some peat moss and decomposed leaf that is gorgeous soil after two years in the corner of my yard. I add some potting soil if it looks like it needs it mixed with equal amount of peat moss from one of those big bales you can get for next to nothing at home improvement stores, sometimes it just looks like it needs more soil, my garden now is kind of on a down hill with a couple of tie tiers, but the upper half isn't tiered yet and does loose some soil.

  • Linda Linda on Jan 06, 2018
    Cow pies and sand and garden soil or get some enriched soil from a nursery