Asked on May 08, 2015

I have a zillion baby hostas in my yard

by Louise
They're babies from my large ones, obviously. My yard is full of shade plants and old mulch. I've been pulling up the many weeds that have sprouted with recent rains and plan to cover those areas with newspaper, wet it and put new mulch on top, but if I do that with all these baby hostas around, they'll die. I hate for that to happen, but there are way more babies than I could see myself digging up. I can post them on Freecycle for people to come dig up but dealing with no-shows, appointments, etc., is such a hassle. Any ideas?
q i have a zillion baby hostas in my yard, gardening
q i have a zillion baby hostas in my yard, gardening
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  • Linda Bonnes Linda Bonnes on May 08, 2015
    I auction off my seeds, plants, and other unneeded but useful things on Listia. There is no cost to sell and you can offer free shipping, exact cost or flat cost shipping if you do not want to pay for shipping. You do not get actual $$$ for your auctions but credits which you use to bid on other auctions on a wide variety of items. I have gotten kindles, computer stuff, plants and seeds of course, and clothing etc. with my credits. It is fun and easy and allows recycling of things I would normally throw away for little or no cost...depending on the shipping method I choose and whether the auctions that I win charge a shipping fee. Check it out at Wish I had some hostas...I'll bid on yours if you put them up!

  • CK CK on May 08, 2015
    If you have a local online classified site you could advertise them there. This 'selling strategy' avoids "no shows" and having to be available at so many times/days. Example ad: "For Sale Locally Grown Hostas: 4" pots for only $3.50. Being sold on a first come, first serve basis on Saturday, May 9th from 2-4 PM. Just in time for Mother's Day giving." (You could also extend the hours and the days as your time allows.) A simply made yard sign is a boost too :) Price them about 1/2 the price of your stores sell them for and I'll bet people will be flocking to get them "on sale" :-) Dig up as many as you have time for now. When they grow bigger and you have more time, repeat the selling process only put the plants in bigger pots and sell for more because now they're larger :-) Wish I was closer. I'd take a few off your hands :-)

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    • CK CK on May 08, 2015
      @Louise You're welcome. I've bought plants from people who advertise on FB too. It's a great way to get rid of things you can't use/don't need and someone else gets terrific locally grown plants. It's a "win-win" for sure :-)

  • Dieter Klier Dieter Klier on May 08, 2015
    I have edited this post, once I realised it is an American site, I live in Australia Sorry,

  • Joffler Joffler on May 08, 2015
    I would so go and dig up as many as you'd allow me to have. But I'm in Texas. Sorry,

    • Louise Louise on May 08, 2015
      @Joffler Don't you want to take a trip to boring Atlanta???? :-) Then you could take back many plants with you.

  • Marge Marge on May 08, 2015
    I, too, would LOVE to have them, but live in Cochran and don't get in the Atlanta are often due to age and poor eyesight. Good luck with the beautiful hosta "babies"!

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    • Louise Louise on May 09, 2015
      @Marge Not very near 75 but I'm less than 5 minutes from I-85 and easy to reach from 75 if he should be interested.

  • Clearissa Coward Clearissa Coward on May 08, 2015
    Oh my I would love to have some of them. I'll bet you are not local to me. I would certainly take some of them on your hand. :)

  • Louise Louise on May 08, 2015
    I'm in GA, north metro Atlanta. If you were headed this way, you could dig to your heart's content. :-)

  • Clearissa Coward Clearissa Coward on May 08, 2015
    hahaha I wish I were! I would help you out but I'm sure you will find someone to take tem off your hands.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on May 09, 2015
    I'd take some, too! Potted hostas are really expensive up here. If you have the time, I'd pot some of them, round up some other things you want to edit, and have a yard sale.

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    • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on May 10, 2015
      @Louise Yes, there's the prep which is a pain. Am in the process of gathering stuff up now. Am not looking forward to the prep but do enjoy the action when it goes out and people come. LOL

  • Colleen Redenback Colleen Redenback on Jul 20, 2016
    Post a sign in your yard...."Free baby hostas, Saturday. First come, first served.