I put Emerald Zoysia sod in my back yard this spring and it looks great except for two things:

Perry C
by Perry C
1) A small patch (maybe one of the Sod pieces) started to grow quuickly and got very thin? I have only put down a light application of organic fertilizer (worm castings & composted Chicken manure) followed by a premerge in September. I am not sure what to do about this if anything this winter?
2) In a different section of the yard I let my two dogs (A pointer & a Lab - both of which love to run the yard & play when they are out) out several times a day. They are wearing paths along two of the fence lines. The paths still have grass, but it is not as thick and I am afraid with it going dormant this winter they may be bare by Spring. Is there any way to help out the sod in those areas?
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  • Perry-I wouldn't worry too much about a small (one sod piece) area - it should fill in next season as the root system/surrounding turf gets more established...the dogs are another issue-dogs (and I love em all) are tough on turf, especially when they use the same areas repeatedly. Aeration may help some with the compaction, and some top dressing could also help...but the area will remain worn if they use it daily.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Dec 06, 2011
    If your dogs constantly run along the fence line, Perry, you might as well resign yourself to not having grass there. I would throw in the towel and mulch their path.

  • Joe Washington Joe Washington on Dec 06, 2011
    I've had an emerald zoysia lawn for 20 years and have found it to be quite durable in all kinds of condition, minus shade and dogs. In the summer I've always found that raking out problem areas and watering will help restore the lawn. .

  • Perry C Perry C on Dec 06, 2011
    Thanks Guys! I can't get rid of the dogs because they are actually higher on the "food chain" than I am in this house. Looks there is a lot of mulch in my future.

  • Without seeing it, I'd guess that the thinning patch may be getting too much water; it might be in a low spot or an irrigation problem may be supplying the extra water. For the area the dogs are wearing down, I'd try to confine the dogs to a different part of the yard until it starts coming back in the spring.

  • Mike and Anne Mike and Anne on Dec 07, 2011
    Perry, Anne decided long ago that she preferred to keep the dog and not worry about the Zoysia lawn. Even mulch is not a satisfactory solution because you have to constantly rake it back into place - and replace it often. I convinced myself that a "dirt path" next to the fence was a small price to pay for a good companion.