Asked on May 31, 2013

Mystery Perennials

Darlene Mapes
by Darlene Mapes
Can anyone tell me the names of these perennials?
mystery perennials, flowers, gardening, perennials
mystery perennials, flowers, gardening, perennials
mystery perennials, flowers, gardening, perennials
  14 answers
  • hardy geranium in the middle with the purple flower. (i'm 99.99 % sure) on that one and the one on the right APPEARS to be a fern of some sort. Maybe an asparagus fern?

  • Frances S Frances S on Jun 01, 2013
    I have the one in the middle it is so easy to split and transplant very hardy.

  • Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. on Jun 01, 2013
    Yes, the blooming photo in the center is cranesbill - hardy geranium. I have it in several different locations. It thrives in sun, but will tolerate some shade. It comes in a wide variety of colors. It's is very easy to grow, blooms off and on all summer and tends to spread

  • Barbara S Barbara S on Jun 01, 2013
    stays green all winter, too.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 01, 2013
    Definitely a geranium in the middle. As someone suggested, the one on the right could be a yarrow. The one on the left might possibly be polemonium.

  • Terrie Kaufman Terrie Kaufman on Jun 01, 2013
    To the BEST of my knowledge neither the first, nor the third is a fern. But what they are is still a mystery although I probably have them in my garden somewhere! <grin>

  • My 1929 Charmer My 1929 Charmer on Jun 01, 2013
    1st one is valerian officinalis. It is an old heirlion plant dating back to 1600. It also a heavy reseeder.

  • My 1929 Charmer My 1929 Charmer on Jun 01, 2013
    Last one is yarrow

  • Marieanne Honsberger Marieanne Honsberger on Jun 01, 2013
    Just looked up Valerian officinalis sounds like a great plant addition to any garden:)

  • Vicki Yawn Andrews Vicki Yawn Andrews on Jun 01, 2013
    hardy geranium in middle and yarrow on end...not sure of first one

  • Kay Love-Wood Kay Love-Wood on Jun 03, 2013
    One one in the middle is like others have said is a geranium. Great plant the one on the far right looks like yarrow. Yarrow has a bloom something like queen ann lace. Reseeds like crazy also.Both have a place in the garden I think.

  • Margie  Newman Margie Newman on Jun 03, 2013
    Darlene, I lived in Sugar Run, Pa. 2001-2003.. Great little town, wonderful people....we really miss it...I was shocked when I saw your postBy the way, you have a great site here!!!

  • Darlene Mapes Darlene Mapes on Jun 08, 2013
    Thank you all so much, you answered my question. I love this site!!!!

  • Janice Kohler Janice Kohler on Feb 18, 2015
    The last one is Yarrow. Yellow Yarrow is the most known, but I have red (the bloom fades to orange) and purple (the bloom fades to pink). That's how they look when I dig some up for a friend. They are perennials and love hot, dry. They are usually the last things still blooming when the hot dry July is here. They are not invasive.